SCM might fail in receiving uploaded SR files


I had a small incident with Software Configuration Manager recently, perhaps others have noticed this too? If not, I suppose it’s a Flash/Linux-only error. In any event, I thought it’s worth mentioning, until it gets fixed (Oracle has been notified of the problem, by the way).

What happened was that I wrote an update for an SR, submitted it, then located the file I needed support to look at. Clicked the upload button for it, and since the browser progress/activity icon returned to normal quickly and without error, I assumed things were underway, and went to work at other issues in the meantime. After all, Metalink has been known to take a little while to actually update the SR.

Since the SR interface doesn’t show any files either, you would have noticed something was missing if you sat waiting for them to show up, but in this case, the support consultant was asking for the file just 10 minutes later, which was when I noticed this error. You have to appreciate good Oracle support consultants :)

So be aware that file uploading through SCM seem to be glitchy at the moment. (I ended up uploading the file in the traditional Metalink interface, this time.)

On another note; I don’t know have many have started to use SCM for SR maintenance yet, but the number will probably grow quite rapidly; SCM is a very good tool for this. I should probably check for good blog post about SCM and include pointers here; if there are none, I’ll do a write-up myself sometime.


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