Finding time again


So it’s Oracle OpenWorld Day 1, and I’ve at last managed to allocate some time to write a little, starting a better trend than in the last two months. Those months were too hectic, being taken up by all kinds of tasks you have to do when you’ve resigned from your job and have to wrap up all the loose ends :)

I’m entering a more strategic/technical role for my new employer, which is a small Norwegian company by the name of DATAESS – – a consulting firm for mainly Oracle and Java services. Naturally I can be contacted via espen at if you live in Norway and have issues with Oracle E-Business / Fusion Middleware installations or planning.

Back to OpenWorld: The first day was information-packed as always, but no big surprises yet, at least in sessions I’ve attended. They were:

  • S301003 – “Building an Oracle Real Application Clusters Environment on VMWare for Free (IOUG)”
    It’s interesting stuff, I’m planning on trying this in Oracle VM soon, so it was nice to hear about other peoples experiences. Dan Norris held this presentation.
  • S299504 – “Build the Next Generation of Composite Applications with Oracle WebCenter, SOA, and Enterprise 2.0”
    I’ve only installed and set up one production instance of WebCenter yet (then again, it’s one of the few in Norway yet :), but as the possible glue of Fusion Middleware presentation-wise, WebCenter looks like a very promising and dynamic product. I hope to do some testing/demos of it later this year.
  • S301217 – “Oracle Fusion Middleware (Oracle SOA Suite) Reference Architecture (IOUG)”
    I’m working with Fusion Middleware, so this was an unavoidable session (like Nadias “10 things you can do today to prepare for Oracle Fusion Applications” on Monday). It presented a lot of bullet points and concepts/technologies affected when implementing different types of middleware integration. To quote the summary: “Concepts and materials/recommendations for building an integration road map”. Good work, I definitely have to go through this more thoroughly at a later time.
  • S299712 – “Hands-on Lab: Oracle WebCenter Suite–Enterprise 2.0 at Your Fingertips”
    Hands-on Labs are not optional at OpenWorld, at least after several hours of just listening and not participating :) I’m not a real developer, so I probably wasn’t in the main audience for this, but it was for me a very useful walk-through of how to enable a few of the capabilities of WebCenters when starting with an existing ADF application.
  • S301194 – “10 Things Your Mother Didn’t Teach You About Oracle’s Middeware and Oracle Fusion Strategy (IOUG)”
    Steve Lemme of the IOUG talked about what Fusion is (for everyone not an Oracle sales person), or actually what it appears to be, when digging through Oracles documents and material. And what the Oracle Fusion strategy means change-wise for companies that might thinking of picking it up. Very much bullet-packed, and very useful.

Now I’ll walk by the Bloggers meet-up at Thirsty Bear’s and see it I can get any of the senior bloggers to share some tips and perhaps start following this blog, so I’ll have at least a few readers ;)


6 thoughts on “Finding time again

  1. Glad you came to my presentation and hope you learned a few things too! Let me know if you need any help with building your RAC on OVM configuration, I’ll be interested to hear/read how that goes.

  2. Hi,
    I noticed that you wrote the following: “It’s interesting stuff, I’m planning on trying this in Oracle VM soon, so it was nice to hear about other peoples experiences. Dan Norris held this presentation.” And yes you are so right, it is very interesting stuff indeed. We are currently testing Oracle VM in all kind of scenarios and I am “planning” to post some of the findings every now and then on my weblog . When you start this might be a place to have a peak on how I have done some things.

    We are even looking into the possibilities to do more with VM than only use it for our own hosting. This however is in a quite early stage, we first have to find all the bottlenecks that might turn up. Until now… there have however not been very much of them with Oracle VM.

    You can check out my weblog if you like to contact me to share some thoughts and findings on Oracle VM.

    Johan Louwers

  3. Johan: Thanks, I definitely will. RAC itself is not what I mainly do, so looking up people who know what they’re doing is important :) But I do different kinds of Oracle VM testing, so it’s doubly interesting to see what you’re up to.
    By the way, Dan mentioned that the certification for RAC on Oracle VM might be announced today; I haven’t heard it yet, so maybe not yet. Since this certification has been so many months in the waiting, I have a feeling there are more pitfalls than I’m aware of, which is why this is only in the “planning to” stage. An announcement would change things, though :)

  4. Peter: I’ll drop by the demogrounds, for sure, it’s going to be exiting to see WebCenter from it’s best side!

  5. Dan: Thanks, I’ll let you know if I get there :) I probably have to do a SOA-grid on Oracle VM demo for a user group presentation first, not sure how long that will take.

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