Abstracts for OUGN


I’ve submitted two abstracts for the Norwegian Oracle User Group (http://www.ougn.no) forum in March 2009, one for E-Business Application Management Pack and one for Oracle SOA HA (Fusion Middleware Grid) testing.

I think the abstracts are a little plain and simple, but as this was my first attempt, and given that the actual presentations haven’t been fully finished yet, I hope it’s a good start.

Now I’ll just have to wait a few weeks to hear if they are accepted.

Abstract for SOA HA:

This presentation will describe how to set up a test Enterprise Deployment architecture of the Oracle SOA suite, by showing how to deploy a Fusion Middleware Grid environment with two or more machines, in an active-active state, based on either Oracle WebLogic Server and Oracle Application Server.
It will feature an introduction to virtualized environments, and will demonstrate how Oracle VM templates can be used to greatly speed up the process of installing, patching  and configuring the machine nodes for working together in a grid.
Also, an overview of the high availability capabilities and technologies WebLogic Server and Oracle Application Server uses to interact with other nodes in a grid, and how to configure these, as well as issues to consider if using Oracle RAC in the underlying database.

Abstract for EBS AMP:

This presentation will discuss the key features and possible benefits of using the Application Management Pack (AMP) for managing the Oracle E-Business Suite, shown by use cases like patching, cloning and monitoring. The presentation will describe the differences of using AMP with an R12 system as opposed to an 11i system, and will discuss the enhancements that have been added to the most recent version of the tool on the way towards enabling true one-click hot-cloning of EBS systems.
Other items discussed include a comparison with similar features delivered by other Oracle utilities, such as the Data Masking feature of Oracle Enterprise Manager vs the AMP Data Scrambling, and comparison in general between AMP and Oracle Applications Manager.


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