OpenWorld 2009 – who’s there?


I’ll be going over there myself in a few hours, crossing the nine hour time difference. But I started wondering which of my fellow, admittedly much more industrious, blog writers, would be present at Oracle OpenWorld 2009 (#oow09) as well. I’ve read their notices, but my memory isn’t good enough to piece that into a picture.

So here’s a first attempt to list those blogs whose author has expressed an intention to attend OpenWorld this year. This is just the result of one hour of searching through and Google, and not counting blogs under Some blogs I’ve left out because it’s unclear to me which one person represents it best; please leave a comment in cases where I’ve gotten things wrong, though! As an example, isn’t really Judi Doolittles personal blog, even if she’s responsible for the content, but she might have wanted it in such a list anyway?

So I’m just making up the rules as I go, I guess (why? because it’s two o’clock in the morning (the taxi for the airport arrives in two hours) :)
I’m probably missing a lot of persons in this first attempt, anyway.

The number of people attending OOW according to the event (created by Ontario Emperor) in Oracle Community ( at present is 7. So if you’re a member of Oracle Community, do sign up for the event, and if not, do sign up for Oracle Community. And Oracle Mix ;) (But Oracle Mix won’t let me in this week; that’s another story, I guess.)

Another digression:
The number of bloggers attending the Blogger Meetup event (which is Tuesday at 6pm at Jillians, by the way; look it up, is around three times as many. Looking forward to meeting many of you there.

So this is the list at the moment: – Avrom I. Roy-Faderman – Ted Simpson – Bex Huff – Arun Gupta – Arjen Visser – Raimonds Simanovskis – Chris Bucchere – Cary Millsap – Todd Sheetz – Dietmar Aust – Debra Lilley – Fenng – Dimitri Gielis – David Peake – OCP Advisor – Markus Eisele – John E. Bredehoft – Marcel Kratochvil – Fuad Arshad – George J. Trujillo, Jr. – Espen Barroso-Gomez – myself – Gareth Roberts – Claudia Zeiler – George Woods – Hans Forbrich – Jason Arneil – Kohsuke Kawaguchi – Jonathan Lewis – Karen Morton – Khanderao – Matt Topper – Merv Adrian – Michelle Malcher – Dave B – Tim Hall – Jonah H. Harris – Doug Burns – Jacco Landlust – Jeff Browning – Floyd Teter – Gwen Shapira – Jason Jones – Andrew Clarke – Richard Foote – Roel Hartman – Rob Van Wijk – William Vambenepe – Stuart Marks – Lutz Hartmann – Tim Bray – Lucas Jellema – Tom Kyte – H. Tonguç Yilmaz – Moans Nogood – Marco Gralike – Douwe Pieter van den Bos – Daniel Morgan – Alex Gorbachev – Stanley ACE Director

Others who might be here or have more than one main contributor: – R “Ray” Wang – IOUG / Judi Doolittle, Steve Lemme – Sharat Chander, JB – Shyam Varan Nath, John Haydu – Martin Nash, Neil Johnson, Pawel Krol – Mark Bennett, Meg Bear, Amy Wilson


6 thoughts on “OpenWorld 2009 – who’s there?

  1. I suspect the low response rate to my invitation is because it’s such an obvious no-brainer that people on Oracle Community would go to Oracle OpenWorld.

    I’m hoping that Jake Kuramoto (Oracle AppsLab) will be able to come to the blogger meetup, since he’s come in past years.

    1. I’m pretty sure Jake’s coming, because I’ve half agreed to meet him there.

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