Bloggers physically present at OpenWorld 2009 list


Updated with latest confirmed attendees of the Bloggers Meetup tonight. Marcel Kratochvil, Jacco Landlust, William Vambenepe, Stuart Marks, Avrom I. Roy-Faderman, Stanley ACE Director, OCP Advisor

There are always more to add, so please check back (and give feedback; I’ve received most via Twitter – eespenh – and that’s great). Since last, I’ve added Daniel Morgan, Karen Morton (because I noticed them standing in the Unconference area), Fenng, Khanderao, Merv Adrian.

Since yesterday here at OpenWorld, I noticed that Bex Huff, Hans Forbrich, Moans Nogood (not really) and Jason Jones are also here. And Claudia Zeiler (girlgeek), whom I just met outside the OTN lounge. Wonder if I’ve got half of everyone before the week’s over? – Avrom I. Roy-Faderman – Ted Simpson – Bex Huff – Arun Gupta – Arjen Visser – Raimonds Simanovskis – Chris Bucchere – Cary Millsap – Todd Sheetz – Dietmar Aust – Fenng – Debra Lilley – Dimitri Gielis – David Peake – OCP Advisor – Markus Eisele – John E. Bredehoft – Marcel Kratochvil – Fuad Arshad – George J. Trujillo, Jr. – Espen Barroso-Gomez – myself – Gareth Roberts – Claudia Zeiler – George Woods – Hans Forbrich – Jason Arneil – Kohsuke Kawaguchi – Jonathan Lewis – Karen Morton – Khanderao – Matt Topper – Merv Adrian – Michelle Malcher – Dave B – Tim Hall – Jonah H. Harris – Doug Burns – Jacco Landlust – Jeff Browning – Floyd Teter – Gwen Shapira – Jason Jones – Andrew Clarke – Richard Foote – Roel Hartman – Rob Van Wijk – William Vambenepe – Stuart Marks – Lutz Hartmann – Tim Bray – Lucas Jellema – Tom Kyte – H. Tonguç Yilmaz – Moans Nogood – Marco Gralike – Daniel Morgan – Douwe Pieter van den Bos – Alex Gorbachev – Stanley ACE Director

Others who might be here or have more than one main contributor: – R “Ray” Wang – Mark Bennett, Meg Bear, Amy Wilson


2 thoughts on “Bloggers physically present at OpenWorld 2009 list

    1. Of course. Nice to see you; I’m reading talentedapps regularly, I just hadn’t focused on the organization blogs, because then there would be so many. Thanks for notifying me.

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