OOW09 – first day done

OpenWorld, Oracle

A busy first day is done. I especially liked the session Linux Shell Scripting Craftsmanship, partly because it’s interesting subject with lots of possiblilities for improvement (no; read: many things done wrong). But mainly because Ray Smith was a great presenter, so thanks, very good presentation. I see from the net that he’s gotten much praise for his presentation from other conferences, by the way.

On the subject of shell script coding: The propositions and guidelines from this session would be a major contribution to most coding projects I know of, so please look up the slides when they appear online, they are really good value if you’re a developer, DBS or sysadmin. Session ID S312131.

I also enjoyed going through the OPSS session; “Developing Secure Applications with Oracle Platform Security Services” – S310003

In the evening, Oracle Norway arranged dinner for all Norwegian customers and partners at the Stinking Rose, which means I won’t be very popular as a session seat neighbour today, since they serve everything with very large amounts of garlic.

An interesting side note from the dinner: We are 111 attendees from Norway, which is very good. But this is more than both Sweden and Denmark, which are both larger countries, and larger Oracle markets (esp. Sweden), so it’s actually very good.

Realtime: Now the keynotes are finished for the morning, so it’s time to head over to Moscone West.


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