OOW09 – second day done

OpenWorld, Oracle

Second day was Monday, which for me started with watching the morning keynotes from the hotel / webcast; the involved persons aren’t the most engaging presenters, especially Charles Phillips. And no really new news either.

Monday turned out to be my big Identity Management day, with sessions on

  • Identity Services in the Cloud
  • Oracle Identity Manager & Oracle Role Manager 11g
  • Oracle Access Manager 11g

One good Hands-on-Lab as well, on a product I’ve been following for a while, the Oracle E-Business Suite Application Change Management Pack (ACP). I know of several E-Business customers back home in Norway who don’t really have good control over their customizations.

It would probably pay back quickly for a lot of these, to package their customizations as standard patches, and optionally manage them with the builtin ACP patch manager, integrated with a source control system.

A couple of sessions I’ve noted down for flipping through later:

S308223 DBA ASM
S312645 Database performance on Linux
S308361 High performance PL/SQL
S312448 + S312449 SQL Developer
S312693 Database 11g in virtualized storage

And I met Marius Ciortea from Oracle (who works with Enterprise Social Networking) in the OTN Lounge, and I agreed (not naively, I hope) to a short attendee interview for the live OTN feed on



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