I’m a Danish Identity & Access Management professional and Oracle strategist living in Oslo, Norway, and my name used to be Espen Hartwich.

Since 2009, most people know me as Espen Barroso-Gomez, as it’s the name I share with my two youngest children.

Other than being a consultant, I’ve been an EBS/Apps DBA, an Oracle DBA, a Perl developer, a service management developer, a UNIX sysadmin, an IT operations center operator and a helpdesk operator. That could summarize my professional progression, though of course the “consultant” part of it might probably be considered regression :) I’ve been many more things (and still am), like an ultra runner, a DJ, a snowboarder, a diver, a philosopher and historian, a reader and a listener, and a tech missionary and sometimes visionary.

But at the end, it comes down to this:

Have experiences, learn from them, meet new people, and earn their trust if they earn yours.

I work with projects, advisory and all things in the realm of security, identity and access management, Fusion middleware, and the Oracle E-Business Tech.

Lastly, I’m a chemist by original education, having studied both Chemistry and Computer Science at the University of Oslo and the University of Copenhagen. But I don’t get to blow things up very often any more, that’s why I’m mostly in IT instead..


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